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Lifestyle Christianity logoWe really appreciate the opportunity to be able to share kind of our vision with you and just to explain a bunch of things that were diving into right now. Power and Love has become our main focus. We want to make this Christian Life a normal lifestyle. Your life becomes naturally Supernatural when we can saturate people’s minds with sound mind of what Jesus thinks about us.

What we found is that we can only gather a certain amount of churches when we do it at a church venue, but when we do these at neutral venues we can get a lot of churches to come together with neutral grounds. They cost a whole lot more than what doing it at a church would be. There’s a lot more things involved such as sound systems, lighting, stages etc. My heart wants to be able to do these power and love meetings in huge stadiums.

God’s given us a vision and where there’s vision there’s provision and the ability to be able to make that happen. Right now we’re also looking at trying to build a Ministry Training Center. Imagine if we can have a place where we could train up 3,000 people that can run their own power and love schools all over the world simultaneously. We’re looking at building a studio so that I can get as much media out there as I possibly can for free.

When I go and I teach or train somewhere, I can train a few thousand people, but with the YouTube Channel Videos we can train Millions at once. 2 years ago I believe we were at about 7 million minutes a year that we’re being watched. Right now we’re at about 7 million minutes A MONTH.

I’m not coming what we’ve got reports back from places that are shut off and closed from the internet, but yet our YouTube videos are spiking new viewer records even in these places. People have said, “You know I watched one of your YouTube videos and I put my hand towards the TV and God struck me right in my house and ripped cancer right out of my body”. So these videos are really doing an amazing work, and being in places that we can’t always be. So many miracles, so much healing is happening over the videos.

We did our first Lifestyle Christianity Movie and it’s equipping people to actually walk and live a normal Christian Life. And the comment that I hear the most, is that if Todd can do this, so can I. And that what this is about.

We’re in the midst right now to have enough to actually create another one, and we want to try to release as much media as we can for free, so that we can just equip as many people as possible. I just love the opportunity that God’s given us. So thank you, and look forward to more documentaries so that we can equip people with abnormal Supernatural Christian Lifestyle.

You’ll notice that a lot of the videos are being translated, and transcribed, so that they can have sub-title showing under each video. It’s pretty amazing that people from all over the world are translating them into everybody’s different language. If you, in your heart want to do that, please contact Ministry because we want to get as many different languages as we possibly can. From what I hear it’s going pretty awesome.

Guys, we also have a PodCast now, which means that more people will actually be able to get our message. We’re also in the process right now of writing a book and we believe that within the next year, that it’ll be released.

God has spoke to me for a while now about doing a book, but we’re in the final processes of getting that done. And so, this will be the first of many. We want to put as many resources in front of people as we can, in order to help and equip them to live a normal Christian Life.

I am so excited to tell you guys about the new App we’ve just released (Android or iPhone). You can listen and watch past messages as well as our documentary films like the Lifestyle Christianity Movie that we just released. There’s a built-in Bible app with various translations and features, and you can also receive notifications to watch live video streams within the app. You can view photos and past trips that you might have even been at. You can share your testimony with in the app, as well as have Outreach opportunities that you can connect and go out there together as the body of Christ.

We really appreciate the fact that you would even come to visit our website. If you come here for teaching and training, remember it’s all free. Right now there there’s so many good videos, and there’s no cost to you. If you feel like you want to partner with us, or the videos have helped to equip you, then help us to put as much out there as we can. If you feel in your heart that you’d like to come along side of Lifestyle Christianity Team, please come!

If you don’t want to feel like a financial burden for us, that’s awesome too. Partner with us in prayer because we need it. It’s the prayers of the Saints that comes up as a sweet smelling offering to the Lord. It’s really important, so please lift us up.

Help us to further what I believe is normal Christianity. Because one of the things that God has placed on my heart is, that I’ve called you to bring Christians to Christ. And so my heart is to bring Christians to a deeper walk, a deeper awareness, of what it means to be simply “in Christ”. Christ flowing out of us that Glory being made manifest everywhere we go! I believe we all have the ability to hear from God I believe that we all have the ability to walk like Jesus walked.

~ Todd White – LifeStyle Christianity

Todd White – Lifestyle Christianity Vision Statement 2017 from Lifestyle Christianity on Vimeo.

Lifestyle Christianity – And Their Vision Statement